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Another Blockage.....

I have been writing more than ever, but I am feeling a little creatively stunted. I spent yesterday reading poetry. The really great, non-rhyming kind.

I sometimes marinate in other people's talent, hoping that some of it will penetrate. I don't know if I will ever show the kind of talent that others will be envious of, but I guess the point is to keep at it. To write through the blockage. To push through the self doubt.....so much self doubt!

So here is my attempt at quantifying my feelings, in some very OK-ish, non-rhyming poetry....

So many words requiring my attention.

So much avoidance.

I search for a way to start.

I find more ways to ignore the task ahead.

Words seeking blank spaces to fill.

My mind seeking relief from the constant buzz of activity.

A hand around my heart,

tightening in my chest.

My breath is shallow,

struggling to find a rhythm it should know

by a heart that is suffering,

under this newly familiar strain.





These are not the words I seek.

This is not the way to fill the blank space.

These words demand attention.

They should not be ignored.

The hand loosens its grip.

The breath steadies.

The heart recalls its place – its pace.

The words will come.


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