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Goodbye, 2018.....

The playlist - carefully curated. A song for everyone. Hours of music.

The soundtrack to our lives.

Every last piece of Christmas chocolate – piled into the centre of the table. It must be consumed, if we hope to eliminate such temptations from the year ahead.

An odd selection of board games, stacked haphazardly. Articulate, Cards Against Humanity, something involving the construction of train lines.... Each one played, bringing us ever closer to midnight.

Old friends. Gathered around. Revelling in the dependability of it all.

After decades of friendship, we had tried it all.

New Year’s Eve!

How should we spend it? What should we do? Where should we go? What should we drink?

From house parties, to foreshore shenanigans.

We hadn’t always been together.

Life sometimes pulls you in different directions.

But somewhere along the line, the need to ‘do something’ was replaced by the comfort of ‘doing nothing, together.’

My house has become a safe space. A place to ring in the New Year, without the pressure of inflated plans. Midnight acts as an alarm clock, reminding us all that we have succeeded in staying up well past our regular bedtimes and we can now retire. Thrilled to find comfort in our respective beds.

As 2017 faded out, I passed around a jar.

I instructed my friends to write themselves a note. A wish for 2018. We sealed it up, to be opened the following New Year’s Eve. The jar has been looming large in my cupboard for 364 days....2018 is fading fast.

My wish for 2018 was to launch InkCloud – a project I had been sitting on for too long.

On September 22nd, I ceased procrastinating and turned my imaginings into something tangible. I'm so happy with the outcome.

As this year winds down, I reflect on all that’s happened. 2018 has been huge for me. I have felt incredible joy and gratitude. I have also felt extremely overwhelmed at times. It’s normal to have ups and downs.

Given that this is Rich with Love, I am going to close out 2018 by focusing on the ups – the downs wouldn’t make for very good reading!

So, here it is. My Obama-style, Best of 2018 List....enjoy!

  1. Europe.....Travelling is some real-world magic. I will never forget the feeling, as we touched down in Cyprus – the sun setting over a new and wondrous location. Adventure awaits the brave. I cried so many happy tears over the course of five weeks. Riding bikes through Paris. Celebrating love in Cyprus. Visiting my partner’s childhood home in England. Freezing my butt off at the top of Switzerland. Eating my way around Italy – feeling more connected to my culture than I ever could have imagined. Laying eyes on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – dreams really do come true!

  1. Running 5km.... I really wanted to learn to run in 2018 and despite an annoying case of plantar fasciitis, I pushed through, to compete in my first ever fun run. Did I do well? Not really. But I did it – and that’s the point.

  2. Willy Lit Fest.... I was asked to participate as a panellist in this year’s Willy Lit Fest! Seeing my name in the program, alongside authors and creative types, was an absolute honour. I was then asked to become a committee member for the 2019 Festival. I can’t wait to put my stamp on this already brilliant community event.

  3. PAC.... I was selected to join the Hobsons Bay Council’s Portfolio Advisory Committee for Arts, Culture and Tourism. Loads of people applied, so it was wonderful to be chosen. It led to meeting lots of new people – my network continuing to expand.

  1. InkCloud.... As mentioned earlier, I finally launched my website. I attracted a small following, by posting articles highlighting Creativity and Positivity in our beautiful Western Suburbs. Artist Profiles, creative contributors and positive stories. I look forward to building upon this in 2019 – the sky is the limit.

  2. Radio Training.... I got to co-host a radio program at a public event in October. It was a childhood dream come true and it has resulted in the possibility of hosting my own show in the New Year, as well as another co-hosting gig on Australia Day. I can’t wait!

  1. Creating Opportunity.... I said ‘Yes’ to a lot this year. I didn’t want to waste any opportunities that came my way. It was exhausting to be everywhere, all the time, but I was able to capitalize on so many great things. I found myself involved in the Art & Industry Festival, The Phar Lap Run, Gracie’s Boutique and the Drought Relief Day at the Altona Sports Club.

  2. My family and friends.... The best community I am a part of is my little family. My partner and my two kids never cease to amaze me. They support me endlessly – even when they probably just want me to stay home and make them some pasta. My extended family and my friends gave me encouragement and assistance – reading my blogs, looking after my kids, showing up to the Lit Fest, having a drink with me when I needed a minute of normalcy. I couldn’t do any of it without you – I know exactly how lucky I am.

  3. I competed the Coles Mini Collection..... Jokes!!

  4. I survived.... It was touch and go at times. I may have cried a lot of happy tears this year, but I also broke down quite a few times, from pure exhaustion. I pushed myself to the absolute limits and now I know....

2019 will be about balance. I have learned a lot over the past twelve months


I try too hard.

I do too much.

NO is not a four-letter word – literally!

I don’t need to be all things to all people.

And I should try sleeping in occasionally.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Thanks for listening and I hope that you’ve enjoyed my 2018 ramblings – see you in 2019!

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