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Christmas Time means no Sitting Down....

To be sung in the stylings of Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

You better get up, You better not rest. Use a keep cup, One coffee is best!

Christmas time means no sitting down!

You have to buy gifts,

Might live at the shops.

List after list,

It just never stops!

Christmas time means no sitting down!

Feel guilty when you're sleeping, Feel stress when you're awake! Cook and clean and stand in line,

Get to work, don’t take a break!

So, you better get up, You better not rest. Never give up,

Make Christmas the Best!

Christmas time means no sitting down!

Do you ever feel like you might have taken on too much?

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year, but it’s easy to feel as though you are tied to the back of a bucking bronco – just barely holding on.

There are 17 sleeps to go and as it stands, between now and the big day, I have 2 days unaccounted for....and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to use those days for shopping and cooking.

I decided to get a part time job at a Christmas shop. The place is full of glitter and loveliness!

It seemed like an excellent idea at the time, but between the kids, the papers, the endless social engagements and the not-so-part-time job, I am exhausted.

If tired was an outfit, I would be wearing nothing else – I hate to wear the same thing twice!

Gratitude is still front and centre of my universe – I am so grateful for this life that keeps me in a constant state of occupato! I’d just be super keen for a sit down.

With under a month of 2018 left to go, my to-do-list is still far too long.

Why do we bury ourselves under the weight of expectation?

Why must we be all things to all people?

Why do we set such lofty goals?

I don’t have the answers to any of these questions. I would love to blame society.

Or Trump! Yep – it’s totally Trump’s fault!

The truth is, it’s completely on me.

I want the perfect Christmas. I want to say ‘yes’ to everything and everybody, because I remember what life was like, when I used to say ‘no.’ Missed opportunities and time wasted. I never want to waste time or opportunities again.

But, where to draw the line?

I’m run down. I’m more emotional than I’d like. I’m feeling the anxiety creeping back. I have taken on too much.

Unfortunately, there is nought to be done for it now. Once I am in, I’m all in. I won’t let anyone down, but the lesson is learnt. 2019 will be for finding balance. 2019 will be for saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’ – because moderation is excellent and totally trending.

In the meantime, I am going to take mini moments. These will include fruit mince tarts and soy lattes. Dancing to Michael Buble songs and getting my sparkle on as often as possible. Staying in the shower just a little longer at the end of the day. And wine – definitely wine!

So, Merry Christmas people! Enjoy your mini moments and if you see me sitting down anywhere over the next 17 days, come join me!



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