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Rich with Happy.....

Warning....I'm about to get my brag on....

When I began this blog almost 21 months ago to the day, I needed something. I needed quite a few somethings, actually.... I needed money for Europe. I needed writing practice. I needed a purpose. I was feeling a little lost. A little bit worthless.... I had been pondering my place in the universe.

Seeking more. Always seeking more. I've given you 59 posts. Which makes this post number 60! Some have been a little bit meh, while others have made me feel like I might be onto something here. I've been honest. Diary-level honest. Letting you into my inner-most thoughts. Mel - up close and personal. Over the journey, I've made a discovery..... I am happy. It was pointed out to me recently, that happiness isn’t very good for the economy. Happy people don’t need a bunch of stuff and things. I’m not convinced my happiness is going to be responsible for any stock market crashes, but I do find myself wanting a little less. 2018 is almost at an end. It’s been a bloody good year for me! I went to Europe, which did provide a little post-holiday blues, but mostly provided life-altering memories. Experiences I thought I would only ever dream about.

I was asked to be involved with the Williamstown Literary Festival. Firstly as a panelist, and then as a Committee member.

I was selected to join an advisory committee with local council, as part of the arts, culture and tourism portfolio. Creatively, I was bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. I came up against some writers block, but I pushed through - inspired like never before! RandomReads InkCloud Rich with Love I’m finding new ways to develop and grow, expanding my network every day. I’ve met so many amazing people!

My friends and family are encouraging and supportive. Subscribing and liking - sharing and contributing. I’m closer than ever before to realising my dreams. Using my shiny new resume - (thanks Jess) - to chase down jobs I never would have applied for 21 months ago. In the meantime, I’m going to be making a little extra money, selling Christmas! I managed to talk my way into a casual role, as a Christmas consultant at Gracie’s Boutique! Never has there been a more perfect job! My kids are healthy and happy. My partner is kicking professional goals and supporting me through all of my stuff.

And 2019 is going to be even bigger, with a radio gig on the cards and who knows what else?!

Life is pretty satisfying. I am content. I am flat out, but content. It’s a good feeling.... If it sounds like I'm saying goodbye, I’m not. I'm saying, "See you around - just not as often as before." I have a lot going on and Rich with Love has given me all the somethings I was needing. If you’re not sick of me yet, head on over to www.inkcloud.co - I'm building something pretty special and I'm proud to share it with you. Thanks for listening while I found my happy. I hope you found some happy of your own.... #richwithlove #richwithhappy




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