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A Love Letter....to MasterChef

Dear MasterChef,

I miss you already….

I know it’s only been less than 24 hours since we parted ways, but here I am, yearning for your positive influence and culinary inspiration.


That’s the number of times I sat down to check in on the status of this year’s contestants. I was impressed by Sachi early on – Mr. Consistency! I was not so secretly hoping for Jess to get all the way to the end, but I harbour no resentment for the final outcome.

It is impossible to feel resentment towards you, MasterChef – you have been marinating in positivity for 10 years now and I cannot resist you.

I don’t watch a lot of ‘reality’ television. I have never seen MKR. I’ve seen enough ads to know that it’s not for me. I don’t care about Manu and Paleo Pete. I’m not interested in the drama that seemingly has little to do with food. Food shouldn’t play second fiddle to commotion. Food should be front and centre!

You are all about the food.

Because of your unending devotion to food, I know things I never knew before.

I know about sous vide cooking and deglazing the pan.

I know the difference between parfaits and semi-freddos.

I’m curious about green ants and liquid nitrogen.

I’m aware that carrots, beetroots and cauliflower can be cooked and presented 7 different ways. Possibly more!

I know how my duck should be cooked and the sound my pork crackling should make.

I know that risotto is the death-dish and that mousse, custard, ice-cream and granita are best not made under pressure.

I know that the Croquembouche is not to be trifled with!

You foster dreams.

From the moment housewife, Julie Goodwin won the first Masterchef back in 2009, people began to believe. Believe that a passion for food, could lead to something more. That following your dreams was a beautiful thing, that should be celebrated and encouraged.

And the success stories speak for themselves.

You don’t have to win to achieve your goals – you just have to show a willingness to learn and grow – to never give up.

Each year, I tune in, ready to meet the next lot of hopefuls. I cry tears of joy, as I witness the beginning of something more for 24 people from all walks of life. Mothers, tradies, teenagers, immigrants – different in so many ways, but united by their love of food.

With Gary, George and Matt at the helm – we are guided on a journey – we are invested.

So, I watch, and I cook. I try things I have never tried before, because I have faith that I can do the impossible. I make dumplings. I bake bread. I use gelatine leaf and glucose syrup. I roll out my pasta dough. I cook Vietnamese, Indian, Malaysian and Italian.

We eat like kings!

My daughter wants me to enter your contest. Like all good children, she believes that her mama is the best cook in the world. She is wrong, but I enjoy the love. She asks if she can enter one day, and I tell her that when she is 18, she can win, because anything is possible.

You have given us that belief.

I thank you for being a place where people can encourage and nurture one another. Where contestants are genuinely thrilled to be a part of the experience. There is no drama, beyond wondering whether the mousse will set in time. I will miss this positive vibe beaming into my living room each night.

I look forward to joining you next season, to develop new skills, enjoy new flavours and admire Mr. Preston’s latest collection of suits.

Forever yours,

Melissa xx


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