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Wanted - Money and Sunshine...

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a young woman took her little sister away for the weekend….

This young woman had tried to purchase tickets to see U2 in Melbourne – the perfect gift for a 21st! Unfortunately, the universe had other ideas. Rather than be deterred, this young woman explored other options…. Adelaide seemed like an interesting alternative.

And so, it was that these 2 capable young women took on the City of Churches....

It feels like a million years ago now, and though quite obviously, the young woman from this story is me, it really doesn’t feel that way.

At the time of this Adelaidean Adventure, my life was very different and consequently, so was I….

I was 26, married and not very likely to go away for the weekend – especially without my husband. The fact that I found myself so far from home at all, was a goddamn miracle.

My sister on the other hand, had always been happy to wander. At 18 she went to the other side of the world, ON HER OWN!! I never would have done such a thing.

Try as I might, I am sure that our ideal versions of this particular weekend were in direct opposition to how it played out. We had fun, but I'm sure it could have been better for both of us....

I recall her longing to walk everywhere.

I did not.

I recall her wanting to explore regions outside of our immediate location.

I did not.

I recall her wanting to throw caution to the wind, to squeeze in one last adventure before our plane ride home.

I definitely did not!

This version of myself was happy to stay home. In fact, I preferred it. I said ‘No’ to pretty much everything and walking anywhere was not my idea of a good time….

I bring up this story for 2 reasons….

Firstly, yesterday I finished a book – Two Steps Forward, by Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist. It’s the story of two different people, who for reasons beyond reason, set off on a pilgrimage from France to Spain. They each walk for 80 plus days, through trying conditions – finding themselves and each other along the way.

It was a wonderfully written story, that I was able to finish reading in under 24 hours – always a good sign!

Anyway, the entire time I was reading it, I was thinking to myself…. ‘I would love to do this!!’

Secondly, I have been feeling a little miserable since returning from the greatest holiday ever taken! I have been missing Europe obviously, but I have also been missing the consistent physical activity.

Everyday, on holiday I was walking, swimming and cycling my way around. I would climb a million steps in search of whatever lay around the corner! I would drag my luggage from one location to another, as quickly as possible, because I didn’t want to waste a second of time.

Since returning, I have been sick and cold and mostly huddled up inside my house.

It’s the worst!!

This morning, I went for a bike ride and immediately felt my spirits soar!

Who knew this version of me existed?!

I think back to that trip to Adelaide and I want a do-over! I’m sure my sister would be keen – always up for an adventure!

I feel a little ashamed, to be honest….

I didn’t exactly waste my youth, but I didn’t make the most of it either.

I was too ready to say ‘NO.’

Too settled, too early.

Something inside of me has forever changed and it’s truly awesome.

There are only two problems – money and sunshine – both of which seem to be in rather short supply in this neck of the woods.

So, if you’re feeling generous and wish to fund my sense of adventure, I can find the sunshine – I’m pretty sure it’s back in Italy….


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