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Ready for my Main....

When I wrote you last, I was singing the praises of strangers. I was at the beginning of my time in France and feeling all kinds of happy.

In the space of a week, I’ve mastered the Metro system of Paris, learned enough French that I was able to order an entire breakfast without the use of English, and conclusively decided that France and I are not done with each other.

We fit so much into our time in Paris, but we barely scratched the surface, which seems to be the theme of this entire trip....time just keeps running out.

In the last 3 days, I have clocked up around 20 hours of travel time on the rail system of Europe. From Paris to Switzerland, from Switzerland to Venice - each journey providing more pinch-myself-moments.

Before our 7 hour trip from Paris to Grindelwald, for a 2 night stay, I found myself wondering if it would even be worth it, for such a short time ....

It was!

As we dragged ourselves and all our luggage up the ridiculous incline that led to Hotel Alpenhof, we felt the burn in our legs and our lungs. 

We were exhausted from our day of playing musical trains, but we were literally in the heart of the Swiss Alps and no amount of descriptive language from me, can do it all justice.

Aside from the scenery, which was jextraordinary, the food, the culture and the people were just as impressive. 

Cheese in France was spectacular, but no one can melt like the Swiss! Fondue, raclette - just dip me in and let me drown in delicious! What a way to go!!

Yesterday was our first successful travel day. As you know, we’ve been struggling with the ‘getting there’ portion of this holiday. Yesterday was seamless!

It’s as though the universe rolled out the red carpet. 8 long hours, but the payoff was Italy.

My holiday has been truly epic to this point, but Italy has always been where it’s at. Everything up until now has been the world’s greatest primo piatto - I’m so ready for secondo!

My love for Italy comes from being half Italian. I loved spending time at my Nonna’s growing up. Her entire essence was warmth and loveliness. To me, she was everything I l associate with Italy....generosity, comfort and passion.

So far, I’m only an afternoon into this place, but I’m in no way disappointed. Venice, or Venezia as they say here, is all that I imagined and then some.

For the next 2 weeks, I’m going to eat my way around this country! I’m going to speak as much Italian as I can muster. I’m going to live life generously, comfortably and passionately....

And then I will go on a diet!


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