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Next Stop....Hangry....Mind the Gap.

The great Steven Tyler knows what I’m talking about....” I don’t wanna miss a thing!” Life is short and the world is massive, so chances are, I’m going to miss a hell of a lot! 

Despite this annoying truth, I’ve been trying to live life to the max....I’ve turned the volume all the way up to 11 and I’m making hay while the sun shines!

Ironically, the sun is out sick over here in England, so the hay I make will be a little damp....unlike my spirits!

If Cyprus was all about azure seashores, England is all about green hills - grey skies are making a late run for world domination though!

The cold is constantly attempting to creep under my skin and the unending drizzle simply adds to the atmosphere. Would I like to be warmer? Yeah....but nothing can bring me down right now....

Well, almost nothing....

11 days into this 5 week tour of Europe, I’m happy to report that I am in a hotel room without children. Having a sleepover with their English cousins, this post comes to you from within the confines of a very beautiful bath. The water is hot, the bubbles are glorious and the marble walls are the picture of luxury. I have not heard the word ‘Mum’ for almost 24 hours and it’s bloody brilliance!

So, what could possibly bring me down? Let me tell you a story....

My entire life revolves around Google. There - I said it! If I don’t know something, I google it.

I don’t know anything in London!

We have been functioning without internet, which is fine for the most part, but it means pre-planning every step we take. Hotel wifi acts as a kind of life support system and the moment we walk out onto the streets, we are one wrong turn away from disaster!

A two hour train trip from Cheltenham to Paddington was already eating into our London time, but 12:30 was a reasonable time to get cracking on the kid-free exploration....my excitement was at a fever pitch! My co-pilot had researched how to get to our hotel in Soho - we were one more train ride away from adventure! We hop on the Underground and our station is one of the last....lunch is on my mind, but I know that once we get to our hotel, we are set, so I push my hunger to the side. We get off at Tottenham Hale and it immediately feels wrong.....

We go over to Burger King, because I need to pee and I am now extremely faded. One small fries and one toilet trip later and Chewy says.....”I’ve messed up....”

We were meant to go to a train station called Tottenham Court, which is on an entirely different line....all the way back from whence we came! I don’t yell. I don’t say much of anything really. Something inside of me dies a little.

I start to gently sob....

It’s now 2pm and I have given up hope that I will ever eat again.....hunger distorts my sense of reality. As we finally reach the concierge desk in The Bloomsbury, all feelings of hopelessness melt away. Velvet couches, marble bathrooms and floral wallpaper transport me past my hunger and all is forgiven.

London didn’t care that I was late. London is always here, ready to show off it’s wares....

And what a show!!!

Afternoon tea at The Wolseley. Checking to see if the Queen is home at Buckingham Palace. Hamilton on the West End.

I’ve barely scratched the surface of this city - rich with history and character.

The Queen may be running this town, but in truth, Time is King. I’m hoping that today runs a lot smoother and I get all my minutes in a row, but if yesterday is any indication, it doesn’t really matter how much time I lose in the Underground. Fabulousness is everywhere....except Tottenham Hale!

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