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Has anyone seen my.....mind?!

It seems crazy to say out loud, but after what felt like an eternity, this holiday has kicked into overdrive and our first destination is done and dusted!

I remember starting this blog, as a means to document my savings attempts for this journey.....that was over a year ago! Now, in the blink of an eye, my time in Cyprus has set with the sun and I am ready to rug up in the heart of London!

Cyprus was a truly spectacular way to begin this adventure. I had no expectations - no clue really, as to what I would even do there! So, let me give you a brief description of a typical day in the picturesque Coral Bay.....

I would wake up far too early, due to a topsy turvy body clock. I would spend some time updating my social media, because wifi is king. I would get dressed and sorted for the day, with an eye on the prize.....breakfast!

Somewhere in there, I would ask the same question of my fellow travelers....

“Has anyone seen my....”

Room key? Jewellery? Phone charger? Hand bag? BLACK BRA?!?!?

I kid you not! As sure as my name is Melissa, if it wasn’t tied to me directly, I misplaced it! At one point, I thought I lost my shoe....just one.....in my hotel room!

I have become somewhat of a punch line, delighting and infuriating those around me in equal measure. I want to say the worst has passed, but perhaps ‘Travel Mel’ is just a little bit hopeless....

I thought if I planned everything meticulously enough - (cue labeled ziplock bags) - I would cope with the chaos of being without a solid foundation for 5 weeks. The reality is in direct opposition to this fantasy.

My best laid plans have been toppled, by this bra-losing, key-searching, Dory-like version of myself and I am powerless to stop it.

It hasn’t mattered.....

Once I found my keys/purse/shoe/bra, I also would find my sense of adventure! 

Cyprus was so vibrant! The Mediterranean Sea was the kind of blue usually created with an Instagram filter - there was no need for any digital assistance.

The Cypriot hospitality was brilliant. Everything was in abundance and the locals were happy to share.

The wedding that drew us over to this sparkling paradise was an absolute highlight and a privilege to witness.

Regardless of my totally uncharacteristic brain fades, I haven’t forgotten how or where to find a good time.

Thank you Cyprus, for the last 5 days! I may not remember where I put my battery pack, but I will never forget my time in your blue embrace!

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