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Come Fly with me.....if you Dare!

Travel is a lot like pregnancy.....

Let me explain....

There is a long drawn out planning process, a tonne of preparation for what lies ahead, an incredibly painful, mostly ‘laborious’ flight, and then a completely blissful payoff in the form of a life-changing holiday!

We could not have prepared for this trip any better. I had books and apps to help with every possible holiday scenario. I researched everything, because I love order. 

Chaos is not my favourite and everybody was worried about how I would cope with the total haphazard nature of travel life. Especially with 2 kids in tow.....

When I arrived at the airport on Friday, I had no idea just exactly how much I would be tested, but chaos was definitely afoot!

Our flight was due to depart at 10:35pm. I was super worried about how the littlest traveler would deal with this, given his usual bedtime of 7pm, but we had milk, snacks and medicine, so we were ready for anything.....

Then the delays kicked in.

Apparently, our plane was in need of some maintenance. There’s a sentence every nervous flier longs to hear!

Thankfully, it was only an issue with the toilets. Unfortunately, the parts required to fix said toilets, were being flown in from Sydney!!

The hours rolled on....

We finally boarded at 1:30am - baby passed out, 8-year-old getting impatient, grownups ready to crack!

15 hours of turbulence later, we arrived at our pit stop - Doha. 

We missed our connecting flight and had another 7 hours of waiting ahead of us - stuck in another airport!

Doha is a pretty impressive airport to be stuck in. The place is so big, you can catch a train from one end to the other!

Clean and glossy, everything has an opulence about it - it was hard not to be impressed.

I ditched the kids for an hour - cheese and alcohol was required....

4 more hours in another plane, and everybody was in struggle town. My fellow travelers were draped over each other....human-shaped lumps of exhaustion.

As they slept through the final moments of descent, I gazed out the window, at a pink and orange sunset. The sky was breathtaking, and after 35 plus hours of waiting and flying, I cried tears of relief.

I was so exhausted, but so happy to have made it to the other side of the globe. This is the furthest from home I have ever been....

As we were processed through immigration and customs, we knew we weren’t quite out of the travel woods yet....

2 more hours in a car, but we were on the home stretch....surely nothing else could go wrong!

If I told you that they gave our car away, you would probably think I was taking creative license. Trying to give this story a little extra! I promise I am not!

They bloody gave our car away! And we had to wait another 40 minutes, in another goddamn airport! You really can’t make this stuff up!

38 hours!

That’s how long it took to get to Cyprus.

And I don’t regret a second of that torturous trip, because my god - happiness is a world explored!

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