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A Life Well Lived...

Let me start with a pretty dark thought, with the promise that this is not a negative post….

There is nothing quite so stark a reminder of our mortality, than having children.

When I was younger, I never gave much thought to when I would die. It was an abstract notion, that despite its inevitability, seemed like something that would happen to a different version of me.

Then Willow was born....

Suddenly, danger was everywhere! How would I keep this little fragile creature breathing? Once I got through the first few months and realised I could do this, a different thought popped into my head….

One day, I will die and I won’t get to see my little girl do all that she is meant for.

The darkness of this thought was crippling.

The reality is, we will all die someday. ‘Someday’ is one of those words we use when we are little, to describe a time that seems impossibly far in the future. I use ‘someday’ quite deliberately, when referencing my demise.

So, what should I do in the meantime?

Should I drown in the stress of it all? Worry incessantly about things I cannot control? Or should I live this life in such a way, that there can be no doubt when I’m done, that I made the most of every second?

I’m going to see what's behind door number 3!

In 8 days, I’m hopping on a plane to Europe. I’m taking my people and embarking on the trip of a lifetime! Cyprus, England, France, Switzerland and Italy – 5 countries in 5 weeks!

This trip had been in my ‘Someday’ pile for as long as I can remember, but I’m tired of putting things off. We need to live for the now, because we have absolutely no idea what lies around the corner.

I’m going to celebrate love in Cyprus, as we attend a wedding. I’m going to eat Haloumi and drink cocktails, because I can. In England, I’m going to see Hamilton on the West End! I’m going to Buckingham Palace, because I’ve see The Crown and am shamelessly into the Royals now. I’m going to Disneyland in Paris, because I live and breathe Disney movies and long to get my Mickey ears at the happiest place on earth! I’m going to ride a bike, through the cobbled streets of Paris, eat croissants and let the beauty of it all wash over me. I’m going to take a train to the top of Europe in Switzerland and warm myself, with what will no doubt be the greatest hot chocolate I am ever likely to consume.

And then there’s Italy….

My dad is Italian and I have been dreaming of this country

forever. The language, the food, the culture – I’m going to spend 2 weeks soaking it all up and will never be the same again! I’m going for full immersion in the land my nonna called home. I’m never going to want to leave….

Before all that, I should pack, and prepare myself mentally, for a plane-ride to the other side of the world with a rowdy one-year-old and a conversational eight-year-old, because it can’t all be sunshine and lollipops. If nothing else, I’m sure it will inspire a pretty hilarious post.

Until next time….



I'm hoping to use my blog as a bit of a travel journal in the coming weeks....

I will be taking every opportunity to document the awesomeness of it all, which will probably mean a few more posts than usual. I will try to keep it short and sweet, so as not to bore you with my exploits....as if it will be boring!!! Join me as Rich with Love goes global - no passport required!!

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