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If Crying was an Olympic Sport....

I’m a crier. Not in an ‘I’m so sensitive and everything makes me sad’ kind of way. It is more likely that you’ll catch me gently sobbing, due to something generally uplifting. I also tend to suffer from contagious crying. I see somebody crying for whatever reason and then, BAM – I’m immediately affected. Crying is highly contagious.

I went to a citizenship ceremony recently and I was barely able to contain myself. Everywhere I looked, there were people tearing up – crying out of a sense of pride – 'pride crying' really gets me going.

Other guaranteed situations that inspire me to tears:

  • The loved ones visit on Survivor – I can’t even think about it!!

  • The Qantas adverts – “It feels like home to me….” I have seen those adverts a million times, but if I watch – really watch – I’m done for.

  • Every Pixar movie ever made! I left the cinema after Coco and looked as though I had lost a loved one.

The examples are endless, but recently, I have been reminded of a pretty hard-core source of Cry-agra….

An Olympic themed montage, set to an inspiring song.

PyeongCheng have just about wrapped up the 2018 Winter Olympics. The Closing Ceremony will round out 2 weeks of competition and I have cried my way through each and every second.

I’m not a sook – I just cannot get over the brilliance of the Olympic Spirit! Summer or Winter, I do not care! It doesn’t matter which sport I am watching. All I can think about are the blood, sweat and tears that have gotten each athlete to their moment.

A lifelong commitment drives these humans to push themselves beyond anything they could have imagined, in an epic search for Olympic Glory.

The Winter Olympics are particularly exciting to me, because each sport – aside from the curling, which is brilliant in its own way – is completely death-defying. These people hurl themselves into the air at ridiculous speeds, race down mountains at 100kms per hour, and don’t even get me started on the skeleton!

What possesses these mere mortals to put their bodies on the line in such ridiculous ways?

They push through pain and subzero temperatures, in pursuit of the ultimate prize – an Olympic Medal. Most who compete have to know that a medal is an unlikely outcome, but they are amongst the best in the world at what they do and I cannot even begin to imagine how magnificent it must be, to represent your country on the ultimate global stage.

The most moving part of this recent sporting event, was the way it has brought North and South Korea together. Sport, much like music, tends to be the ultimate unifier. Barriers have been temporarily broken down, with athletes from both regions walking and competing together in perfect harmony. The thought of it is enough to bring me to tears….

I really am hopeless.

Mostly, I can’t get past seeing people achieve their dreams. There is something so incredibly magical about watching people reach their personal summit. The stories that accompany these sporting achievements – that’s where the real magic lies.

15 year-olds, winning gold, with parents who have sacrificed life-long careers, to allow their children to follow their dreams. Athletes who have suffered through career-ending injuries, only to come back and do it all again, for one more crack at Gold. An athlete who needed to borrow a pair of skis, so she could go on to win gold in a sport, that is not her sport of choice!

Only in the Olympics!

These human stories inspire us to do more. I watch and I wish that I could have been more driven as a child, because how bloody good would it be to win a gold medal?! Aussies don’t have a strong history of success in the Winter Olympics, but our desire to participate – to try, is truly wonderful.

Obviously, representing Australia in any capacity, is not in my future. I have come to terms with this a long time ago. What I can look forward to, is watching as many Olympic-themed montages, set to incredibly inspiring songs, for the rest of my life, because I really can't get enough!

Now if you’ll excuse me, my Kleenex and I have a Closing Ceremony to observe….

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