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Happy Blogiversary! Let them Eat Cake!!

This time last year, I launched Rich with Love, with one simple goal in mind…. just keep writing. 365 days and 37 posts later, I think I can be pleased with my commitment to this task.

It hasn’t always been easy. I wanted to develop a sound that would be recognisably ‘Mel’ and there were times when I felt the weight of my own expectations. I have mentioned before how difficult it can be to throw your voice out into the void and hope that someone is listening. There are posts that wrote themselves and others that felt like they were being dragged against their will into existence.

I gave up on the idea that I should write something every week and settled for ‘whenever the mood struck me.’ This decision alone, took the pressure off significantly and I think the blog got better as a result.

It has been fun to let my inside voice out. Writing has always been my way, keeping journals from as early as I can recall. Not once did it occur to me to throw open those journals to the masses, because, KEEP OUT!! PRIVATE!! and definitely FOR MY EYES ONLY!!

But this has been liberating and it feels like the world needs to be counterbalanced by the exposure of normalcy. With high-gloss, filtered versions of motherhood Insta-rammed down our throats on the daily, it is comforting to learn that I am not alone in my desire to simply pee alone, or hide in a cupboard, whilst simultaneously eating all of the Tim Tams, without having to share or explain anything to anyone!

Am I marginally disappointed that none of my posts have gone viral and turned me into the next Zoe Foster-Blake? Of course! Like most creative types, I long for your approval and the approval of literally everyone ever!

I’m not ashamed to admit that I am hoping for more from this venture – ambition is a good thing. I want to wake up in the morning and reach for the sky! I want the sky to reach back and give me a helping hand, because everything is easier when we work together.

I have a few ideas in the vault and I am planning on making 2018 the Year of Mel! Europe is going to boost my creative flow and I am going to pour all that awesomeness into a very bright future.

If it all sounds too exciting for words, don’t stress…. words are my thing – I’ve got this!


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