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Dear Santa....

Dear Santa….

I hear there’s a list and you’ll be checking it twice. I just wanted to confirm that I have secured my position among the ‘NICE’ – I feel quite confident, that I’ve earned it.

At the beginning of every year, like most others, I make myself a bunch of fairly empty promises – resolutions to be a better human. Well, this year, my promises were generally kept and I honestly believe that I am all the better for it.

My health has always been patchy at best – fitness has never been my strong suit. I have an entire size range in my wardrobe, because over the course of my existence, I have been consistently inconsistent.

The truth is, I loathe exercise and love food – this combination is not ideal.

After the birth of my son, the weight seemed impossible to shift, due to postpartum injury and this little thing called ‘the ageing process’ – the struggle is real. I needed something to change, because as you know, eating cookies all day, leads to a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly.

I like instant results – impatience is a curse.

I’m also an emotional eater.

Another wonderful combination….

Good intentions would get me off to a cracking start….

Go for some semi-vigorous walks. Eat some semi-nutritional food. Drink as much water as I can stand. And do not eat any junk food!!

I would make it 2 weeks living like this, confident that I was heading in the right direction….

Then the inevitable backslide.

Usually triggered by standing on the scales.

Is there anything more disheartening than staying the same weight?

Feeling like a failure, I would bury myself in ice-cream. And chocolate. And pizza. And Tim Tams. I would then let the shame wash over my overly inflated stomach and go to bed in a haze of nausea and gas!

The bingeing never made me feel better.

Somewhere along the line, I decided to publicly declare a desire to run. Public declaration is important for me, because it holds me accountable. I made my goals and I started running. Not because I was being chased by zombies, which is obviously the only sane reason to run.

I run because I want to break the cycle.

When I took off around the block for the very first time, (Fitbit on hand to track my progress) I struggled like you would not believe. I barely clocked 1 kilometre, but I was on my way.

I have paired my thirst for improvement, with a commitment to sensible food choices – no more bingeing for me. I have broken ranks a handful of times, but it has been controlled, because evidently, I am capable of taking care of myself.

As for the running – I am up to 3.6kms continuously, which is massive. I run every second day, because apparently, that’s what I should be doing. I can’t believe how far I have come – slow and steady and all that….

Is it still torture? Pretty much, but it’s the kind of torture I can live with and I'm not going to give up until I crack this goal wide open….

Then, who knows? Maybe I could actually run a marathon someday?! Stranger things have happened!

So, assuming you are as pleased with me as I am with myself, I have a list of my own for your perusal….

  1. A good massage, because all this running has me seven kinds of achy.

  2. Something sparkly, because nothing says Christmas like a little bling.

  3. A bike, because my old one just isn’t getting it done anymore.

  4. A new pair of bathers, because I plan on looking good this summer!!

Of course, there is more, but being ‘NICE’ means not being ‘GREEDY’, so let’s leave it there… Having said that, if you feel the urge to splurge, go rogue and fill up my stocking however you see fit!

Thanks for all that you do - Christmas really is the best! Keep up the good work and feel free to lay off the cookies - you won't know yourself!

Love, Mel xx


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