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No-spend-ber…. see what I tried there?

When I kicked this blog off, 9 months and 32 posts ago, I did so with the intention of saving money for my trip to Europe. I wanted to document this journey of frugality and perhaps pass along some useful tips, for living the ultimate life, on the cheap.

Somewhere along the way, my focus became a little skewwhiff and the blog turned into more of a, ‘What Mel thinks…’ kind of a space. I’m fine with this transition, because saving money is boring and you would have stopped reading ages ago, if I’d stuck to the original script.

Having said that, I thought it might not hurt to check in on my progress, (or lack thereof)….

I had a friend say something to me the other day….

“You love to spend money!”

It wasn’t a question – it was a statement and the truth is, she was 100% right.

I wouldn’t say that I am a materialistic person, but I do love stuff and things.

I’m not fussed about brand names – I’m happy to get my clothes from Kmart. Would I like to shop at David Jones? Maybe, but the reality is, my life doesn’t work that way.

I don’t use credit. I’m too impatient for lay-bys and afterpay sounds scammy.

I am capable of saving, and I can spread a little money much further than your average Jo.

I wish I had more money, but not to have it - I want more money, to spend it. What is the point of money, if not to use it? Money is the key, to the doorway of Life. We use it to go elsewhere. It gives us access to experiences and places – it makes life different, depending on how much you have. If I naturally had more, my life would be altered, but the holding onto it part, is sooooooo booooooring!

Over the past 9 months, I have saved a little and I have spent a little. I have not been as frugal as I should have been, but I am cool with it. We have paid for at least half of our holiday, so progress has definitely been made.

Could I do better? Absolutely!

So, we are going into lockdown!

November will now be referred to as No-spend-ber, or No-fun-ber, depending on how it goes. I will avoid the shops for a while, because I find my self-control to be in very short supply these days. Christmas is coming and I have a sudden overwhelming urge to buy it all!

My home is sufficiently entertaining. I have books I am yet to read, movies I am yet to watch and piles of newspapers and magazines that I just never seem to get to. The weather is improving and walking is free. I will not purchase a single coffee for all of November, and takeaway is blacklisted too.

I feel a little miserable at the prospect, but I know we can make these small sacrifices now, for the blow-out that is December.

I want to be a better human – really, I do! It just feels as though, the best version of me has been to the shops, and purchased stuff and things.

Bring on December already!


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