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Taking Care of Me…. because L’Oréal says I’m Worth It!

My son is 14 months old.

For around 10 of those months, I have been trying to find my way back to ‘Pre-baby Mel.’ Facebook knows where she is, because she keeps showing up in my newsfeed every morning, under the guise of ‘memories.’

This day 2 years ago, I was thinnish, glowy and generally a much better version of myself.

As much as I enjoy the daily reminder of days gone by, I am painfully aware that ‘Post-baby Mel’ is a long way from ‘Sugar-free, Gym-attending Mel’ and to be honest, I’m not sure I will ever reach those heights again.

There is definitely a certain grace period, that is afforded to those with newborns. People see you trying to eat well and walk off the baby-weight and they say things like, “you just had a baby!” or “give it time….”, as though I hadn’t just spent the previous 9 months, being hijacked by my little one, barely able to move my inflated self, from couch to toilet!

Well, my grace period has officially come to an end. In just 6 months, I will be heading off to Europe, for the trip of a lifetime!

There is absolutely no way that I will be jet setting off in my current state!

So, I’m getting my health on!

I have been eating really well for 2 weeks now and aside from a Grand Final weekend slipup, of the smallest variety, (there may have been some Nutella involved and a very inconsequential cheeseburger), I am absolutely killing it.

The eternal affection that I have for my children, is matched only by my one true love - Food. We share a deeply passionate relationship and while there are times when our bond can get a little toxic, we are fairly inseparable. I cannot abandon this love and so I am making adjustments. Clean, unprocessed foods, 90% of the time, with a little room for the oozy, salty, sticky, deep-fried deliciousness that makes life worth living!

The real challenge is moving!

The thought of getting back to the gym fills me with a dread, usually reserved for trips to the dentist. I’m not going to lie – if Food is my fondest companion, Exercise is my nemesis!

I’m injury prone – on any given day, you can find me nursing a sore back, a stiff neck, a weak pelvic region, a dodgy hip flexor, a rolled ankle, or a seagull butt…. don’t ask!

The point is, I mean to improve my overall fitness, but whenever I try, my body reminds me that I am not fit enough for such things! I believe it’s something called a Catch 22, or some guy’s Law…. Bloody Murphy! Either way, I am starting from the very beginning, which is a total nuisance. Why does it all have to be so bloody hard!!

Regardless of my never-ending battle with Exercise, the plan is in place and I am committed.

My Fitbit is charged.

My runners are laced.

My leggings have become pants, because if I constantly feel exposed, I will work harder to make sure the offending area is generally less offensive.

I am determined to make the most of this motivation, so watch this space!

Fingers crossed that the space you are watching, will be slightly less full of Mel!


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