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To Kmart, to Kmart....

I’ve been busy….

In an effort to push through this final month of winter, I have been burying myself in tasks. In the past few weeks, I have hosted an unbelievably elaborate 1st birthday party, reorganized my pantry, my study, my living area, my laundry and both kid’s bedrooms….

Add to that, the usual mayhem of living and it is fair to say that I need a bloody holiday.

Obviously, ducking off for a quick getaway is not really on the cards, given that Europe is less than 8 months away, but there is a flipside to all this work that I did not anticipate…

Apparently, change is as good as a holiday!

I don’t buy it and they shouldn’t be selling it, but I do feel surprisingly upbeat about my new surroundings.

It’s amazing how moving a couch can breathe new life into a room. I hated my living room! I never wanted to sit in there – the whole area gave me nothing. Now, I never want to leave it…. unless of course, it is to go and do some laundry, because you should see that room now!!

God bless Kmart and their gloriously cheap storage solutions!

Kmart has become my partner in crime…fantastically organised crime…. hang on a second…. perhaps I should reword that.

Like Bunnings before it, I now enter Kmart with the intention of purchasing one small thing. $165 later, I have restructured my entire kitchen! Tubs, mason jars of varying sizes and wire baskets, because why not. It has become an obsession and I need to pull back, but I can’t quite seem to stop.

If you are familiar with Marie Kondo and her magical tidying powers, then you would know that there is a particular joy to be found in clearing out unwanted items. I have been here before – engaging my possessions, in an effort to determine whether or not they give me a case of the warm and fuzzies. I felt fantastic last time, no longer burdened by useless items, but just like life, clutter has found a way.

To be fair, I have grown an entire human being between then and now and with humans, comes stuff and things. I have a wardrobe full of maternity-related clothing and none of it sparks a shred of joy… except for maybe the elastic wasted pants…. food tends to taste better when I’m wearing those.

Though, I’m not quite done with this latest round of Kondo-ing, I feel it is important to hit pause. I’m ready to take stock of my efforts and smell those roses. For the next couple of weeks, you can find me on my newly positioned couch, which is conveniently located in a patch of afternoon sun. I will be reading, or writing, or snuggling my kidlets, because I’ve earned a little me time and I intend to enjoy the hell out of it!


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