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I am Woman! Hear me Roar....and cough and splutter.

Monday was the Queen's Birthday, which felt rather appropriate, given Monday was also the day that I found out some rather excellent news.... Now bare with me, because there is no short version of this story.... Through my position as editor of Around Point Cook, I have a media pass to this week's Willy Lit Fest  - a weekend-long festival, celebrating writers, books and all things literary. I have been particularly excited about one of the sessions, Are you ready to be Strong? Buffy as a feminist icon.  I'm a massive fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer  and have no qualms about declaring that for all to hear. The opportunity to be in a room with other Buffy fans and hear an intellectual discussion, regarding my favourite vampire slayer - well, I have been buzzing about it for weeks! As if this wasn't already brilliant enough, the session is being lead by Ms. Clementine Ford - feminist extraordinare and author of Fight like a girl. The media liaison for this event, tells me that I can interview any one of the authors that are working across the 50+ sessions, on offer this coming weekend....anyone except Clementine!! I don't do well with restrictions....I despise being told 'No,' when I really want to be told 'Yes.' So, I began 'Project Clementine!'

I went to 2 libraries and 3 book stores, searching for her memoir. I purchased it, despite my 'no spending' situation. I immersed myself in a crash course in feminism and my Goddess! What an eye opener! With my brain bursting at the seams, with thoughts I have had, but never articulated so succinctly, I felt like I could take on the world! I sat at my desk and proceeded to craft an email of such epic proportions...I left nothing in the tank! Each word was carefully selected, pored over and deemed to be worthy of Clementine! I read and reread, being sure that I had not wasted a syllable. 

Then I did it.... I hit send. I felt relieved and terrified in equal measure, but I also felt proud....whatever the outcome, I had tried, and that had to count for something. My pride took exactly 1 day to morph into an odd mixture of anxiety, impatience and disappointment. There are only so many times you can hit refresh, before the madness creeps in. By Friday, I had accepted that it was over.

On Monday morning, I had a thought.... perhaps I had gone too hard on the first email....too Mel-ish. I tried to woo her with my personality, but perhaps it was professionalism she was after. So, I packed away my Mel-isms and gave it one more crack....a professional email, that took me exactly 5 minutes to whip up and send. I went about my day and didn't give it another thought.

Then, at exactly 2:26pm, in the middle of Queenscliff, I received a response from Clementine Ford! She would love to meet with me and did not require the professional email...it was simply a case of life getting in the way of her response time....I hear you sister! 

She signed off with a 'x' and just like that - all my dreams came true! I got an interview with Clementine Ford! 

She agreed to meet with me, when I was told, unequivocally, that she would meet with no one! On the Queen's Birthday, in Queenscliff, I got an email from the Queen of the feminist movement and I felt like a fricken Super Hero!

Pretty fantastic, right? I should be having the best week of my life, because I am about to give my career as a writer a massive boost. My adrenaline should be combining with my serotonin levels, for some serious natural high....

Instead, I am coughing and spluttering my way through this blog post and I cannot believe my timing! The dreaded flu has taken a hold of my house, striking us down one at a time. I'm aching all over and feeling pretty miserable about the whole bloody thing! I'm chock full of germs and outrage - how dare this happen now?! I can't take over the world, from my sick bed! 

Or can I? If there's one thing I have learned from all this, it's that I can do anything I set my mind to! I'm a woman - what's your superpower?! #richwithlove 

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