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Next stop..... Memory Lane.

Memories are the most amazing things.

Transformative by nature, they start out, a photograph of sorts - high definition, panoramic and absolutely teeming with colour and detail.

As time goes on, we crop each memory down, overlaying them with filters of our choosing, focusing on whichever tiny detail serves our purpose at the time of recollection.

We edit and alter - master of our history - author of our truth. Perspective and hindsight add to the transformation process, until eventually, we are left with something that is closer to a feeling.

My memories are many and I love nothing more, than to access them regularly, hoping like hell, that if I call upon them often enough, they will remain in tact.

The power of each individual memory differs, depending on its core - is it a happy memory? A sad one? A life-altering moment in time?

Ever since watching Pixar's Inside Out, I imagine my brain as an unending series of intricate filing cabinets - an infinite space, organised thoroughly of course! I have files full of moments - just waiting for me to retrieve them.

I have an entire cabinet devoted to song lyrics - I don't even know what is in that file until I hear an old song.....I find myself quite shocked to learn that I still know every word to Tennessee, by Arrested Development!

Another file, filled with random numbers, has me wondering about my Beautiful Mind! 3834303, 3767099, 7411531....these are the phone numbers of my youth! The function they are serving remains undetermined, yet my brain refuses to relinquish these files.

Triggers are useful when delving into days gone by, and thankfully, my triggers are many. I am not so much a hoarder, as I am a collector. I have many actual files - boxes filled with mementos - touchstones to my past.

I have diaries and photos, ticket stubs and souvenirs, cassette tapes and floppy discs! I've kept the little silver dress I wore on the day I turned 18, just so I never forget, that for the very briefest of seconds, I was a size 10!

I have an old Kodak camera - the kind that required a huge leap of faith. Faith that my focus was true, because there were no previews and a very limited number of do-overs.

These treasures act as portals - transporting me through time and space - allowing me speedier access to my past.

Memory Lane is one of my favourite destinations - I visit often, because funnily enough, looking back helps in moving forward. I don't dwell in past regrets, so much as revel in prior triumphs!

I marvel at how lucky I am to still be surrounded by so many of the individuals, who gave me these memories to begin with.

I gather new mementos daily, knowing full well, that today's adventures will be tomorrow's memories!

Of course, like Freddie Mercury, there were some 'bad mistakes - I've made a few,' but these are the most important memories to keep on file. Mistakes are simply necessary learning curves and I think it's important to remember the things we've learned - it's how I know for sure, that sculling vodka is not for me!


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