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Spoiled for Choice....

Hey there. Could you just duck to the shops and get me some bread?

Which bread?

Oh, that’s right… there are 52 different options in the bread aisle now!

Gluten-free, Pumpkin seed, Rye, Organic Rye, Spelt, Wholemeal, White, White Wholemeal, Multi-grain, Low GI, Low Carb, Sourdough, Soy and goddamn Linseed!! If one loaf costs 99 cents and the other costs $9, I’m guessing there may be a slight difference in quality, but without a PHD in nutrition, who the hell knows?!

Even basic things, like meat and 3 veg, require some serious contemplation. Do I want grass-fed, grain-fed, free-range, organic, hydroponic, rejected for their ugliness, or just plain old, riddled with pesticides? I know what I should choose, but the pricing makes a pretty compelling argument.

I wonder how big the supermarkets used to be, before there were 100 different underarm deodorants…. decision-making is nigh on impossible.

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to spend 10 minutes choosing between the multitude of yoghurts on the shelf. It seems the more we have, the more we need and the Consumerism Machine is more than willing to provide.

I want to say that I am above it all, but I am not even close. I attempt to keep myself in check. I know what ice cream flavours I prefer, but dammit if I am not willing to try them all!

How do you raise your children to be grateful for what they have, when there is so much more to want?

Let’s have a conversation about Shopkins

If you are unfamiliar with this latest childhood phenomenon, essentially, there are these cute little characters in the likeness of regular items, such as shoes and microwaves, (no, seriously,) and the kids tick off their little shopping list, as they collect each one. Our kids are being programmed in the fine art of consumerism from day one, and it is absolutely crazy!

Each generation harps on about days gone by, but it is not hard to see why…

My childhood was nowhere near as simple as my parents’, but I will take my care bears and cabbage patch dolls, over Shopkins any day of the week.

I think the biggest problem with all this choice, is the ability to choose wrong. I leave the supermarket with guilt all the time. There are so many rules to live by now and half of them contradict the other half.

I try to live clean and happy, but every once and awhile, I want something that has been processed to within an inch of itself and is packaged like a ‘Pass the Parcel’! I know it’s bad for me and the environment, but sometimes I am just a selfish human. I try to counter this, by donating to everything, and by not keeping my smart phone next to my bed anymore, but even that rule is hard to adhere to.

John Lennon once quoted some other guy, when he sang, “Life is what happens, while you are busy making other plans.” I think it needs to be amended to, “Life is what happens, while you are busy trying to decide between dairy, lactose-free, goat’s milk, almond milk, or soy.”

Let me know when you decide, and then we can decide what kind of coffee to order, and from which coffee place we should order it, and…. you get the picture.


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