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Baby, it's Cold Outside....

The sky is paying homage to 50 Shades of Grey and there is nothing sexy about it.

It is currently 10 degrees outside and it is fair to say, that Autumn is finally showing its hand. Like most, I have been taking advantage of this late burst of warm weather, but with the 7-day forecast reading like an ominous countdown to misery, it is time to accept the truth…. Winter is coming.

Let me tell you how I feel about Winter – I HATE IT!

I hate rain, I hate icy winds, I hate hail and I hate being cold!

I have intense feelings about the sun, and much like Superman, I do poorly when deprived of its rays.

The Winter Blues are definitely a thing and I can already feel them taking a hold. I wish I could tell you different, but I know, with great confidence, what lies ahead….

From now until September, you will find me cowering under a blanket (a very beautiful, fluffy, warm blanket); I will be wearing my very strict uniform of tracksuit bottoms, or pyjamas, and I will be gloomy. My dour expression, will be reminiscent of that grumpy cat everybody seems endlessly amused by and my hair will be dark, to match my mood.

I know it all sounds very negative, but I’m a realist. I will be in full hibernation mode, because that is what happens every year – I am a bear and I have accepted this.

Despite my foresight, I am prepared to search for silver-linings – I am an optimistic realist after all!

Winter is where comfort lives and I am big on comfort. My bed really shines in the cooler months. I crank up my electric blanket, I fluff up my duck feathers and I layer up those textures! My bed is quite honestly, one of the most beautiful places on earth – it should be put on a ‘Where to visit’ list!

Then there is the food! Slow cooking is one of the greatest inventions ever! I don’t know about you, but Morning-Me is far more motivated than Evening-Me. Throwing everything into a slow cooker at 10am, and just letting it breakdown to perfection over the course of the day, while the aromas swirl around your home…. there is absolutely nothing to hate about that. Soup is a meal!

One other major lining of the Sterling variety is the money I will save, due to the self-imposed isolation. Home is where you will find me for the next five months and staying home is a pretty cheap way to spend your time. Europe is officially under 1 year away, so now is the perfect time to really buckle down on the savings front.

I’m hoping to engage my creative side whilst trapped indoors. Painting, knitting, sewing and writing – these are all things that can be done, regardless of the impending gloom. If I keep myself busy enough, perhaps the Blues will pass me by – positivity could win out.

If not, feel free to avoid me for awhile…. I won’t take it personally. Or, better still, pop over, but you had better bring supplies, because my cave will have just enough to see me through the Winter, and this bear does not share!


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