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Dear Sunday Binge…. it’s not you, it’s me.

Dear Sunday Binge,

We have to talk…

It’s been a long relationship and although we’ve had some good times, I think it is fair to say, that we have mostly just hurt each other.

I’m not sure when we came to depend upon each other so heavily, but this damaging alliance must come to an end.

For as long as I can recall, Monday mornings have been associated with fresh starts. A day to begin diets, health kicks – any and all manner of new beginnings.

That made you dependable…. the perfect companion for one last hurrah.

Proclivities and bad habits would flex their muscles and I made you my alibi - you were such a willing accomplice.

Remember that time I knew with absolute certainty, that Monday morning held the willpower that had evaded me for so long, but just to be sure I would not buckle, I ate my way through every morsel of delectable deliciousness I could find?! I attempted to make myself so sick, to ensure I would never want any of it again! Tim Tams, Burgers, Hazelnut chocolate, Ice cream, Hot Chips – you name it, I ate it and the end result was catastrophic.

The damage to your reputation was nothing, compared to the damage to my self-esteem – how could I be so stupid, over and over again?

Don’t feel bad, it’s not only you enabling my vicious cycle. Sometimes I would slip up on a Friday, and suddenly the whole weekend would be a write off!

And don’t even get me started on Christmas! December might as well be a month of Sundays!!

I want to release you…. you deserve better. This really is a case of ‘It’s not you, it’s me!’

I want to live in a world where one poor meal, does not immediately determine all that follows. If I should falter, must I then fall? I will no longer use you as an excuse to hit the Maccas drive through – unless of course, I am hungover – then all bets are off!

I will break the cycle of Monday morning resolutions. I will take care of myself when I can, and enjoy Tim Tams and Burgers whenever it suits me, without guilt or immediate association with failure. Life is for living and I refuse to waste another second, waiting until Monday morning to be kind to myself.

You are free to be simply Sunday again – no Binge required!

I love you, but I must love myself more.

Thanks for the memories,


Melissa x

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