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The Blow Out... Easter is a Trap!!

Once upon a time, there was a woman with good intentions….

She tried her best, to be her best, but sometimes, and only occasionally, she would falter….

This is the story of Mel and the Purchase of Far Too Many Easter Eggs!

As you may or may not be aware, I am attempting to live life on the cheap – saving every little penny toward an epic adventure in Europe. I am officially 12 months away from this adventure, and up until today, I had been successfully saving up a storm.

For all my chatter about Non-cents Holidays and Hot Cross Bun denial, I finally buckled under the weight of Chocolate Egg-spectations, and my goodness! You would not believe the fall out!

It started in Woolworths….

I went in for a few eggs and some hot cross buns. The shops are closed tomorrow, for Good Friday purposes, and I thought it best to get my Easter stash sorted today, rather than a last-minute dash on Saturday. The shelves were frighteningly empty and this triggered something in me, way down in the depths of my soul – I had to have all that I suddenly could not get!

After purchasing several inadequate Easter-related items, (chocolate and buns of the hot and cross variety,) I proceeded across the road to Coles, in the hopes that they would have a more satisfactory assortment on offer…..

Well, in the battle of the Supermarkets, Coles was victorious, and as a result, I became the Biggest Loser!

I was possessed – Easter had me in its grasp and I was powerless to escape its grip!

I dropped $80 in record time, on nothing but chocolate, and somehow, even MORE HOT CROSS BUNS!!! I have 4 packets in my house as we speak and I will eat them…. I can promise you that!

I want to say that I regret my decision-making skills on this strange Thursday afternoon, but the truth is, I have no regrets! Obviously, this was meant to happen on some unexplainable level.

I lost my focus… hell, it is entirely possible that I lost my mind! I fell off the money-saving horse, but if you are going to fall off a horse, you may as well land in some chocolate!

At least one thing is for certain! I will have a Good Friday, safe in the knowledge, that the shops are closed, and I can do no more damage to my savings account!

Happy Easter, from the house that chocolate built!

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