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Chasing Rainbows.... My endless search for Unicorns and Spare Time.

I believe in magic. I always have.

I mean, how else do you explain glitter, rainbows and true love?

I may be a simple Muggle, but that doesn't stop me from fantasising about someday discovering my untapped source of power and using it to teleport to Disneyland!

The thing about magic is the way it remains fairly elusive, showing just enough glimmer and sparkle to have us seeking it out. I've been chasing rainbows my whole life, still quite determined to add 'riding a unicorn' to my list of achievements.

Whilst I have made very little progress on this front, I have recently found myself seeking out other fantastic beasts, like Spare Time....

When I was young and care-free, Spare Time gave no hint that it would some day escape my grasp. It lead me to believe, that its presence in my life was eternal, making it seem not magical at all.

I took it for granted, labouring under the illusion that Spare Time was like oxygen and I was simply entitled to it in vast quantities. The truth is very different....

I have 2 children now and Spare Time has shown it's ultimate power.... it has vanished. I have a list as long as Santa's, of things I should love to do in my Spare Time, but for the life of me, I can't find any.

Being a Mama, means that my Time is not my own and there is certainly none to Spare. Trips to the toilet are fully orchestrated events and showers are no longer guaranteed. I bounce between children, trying desperately to meet all of their needs, knowing full well that my own needs will go mostly unmet.

I'm not complaining.... I don't have the Time! I'm simply acknowledging truth - Spare Time will remain out of my reach for the foreseeable future at least, which leads me to one more truth....

I'm not really a Muggle - I am a Mama, which is quite honestly the most magical thing on earth! If you have ever had a little munchkin, that you created, look up at you, with 100% undiluted love in their eyes, then you know what I'm talking about!

Spare Time and Unicorns can wait - I have double rainbows in my heart and they go by the names of Willow and Archer!

Now that's magic!


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