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The Supermarket is my Bunnings (and other food-related confessions....)

Have you ever walked into Bunnings for a sausage, and walked out $100 poorer? If you answered 'no' to that question, congratulations! You are a miraculous unicorn and I applaud your magical powers!

Not only do I suffer the Bunnings Blackhole Affliction, but the same thing happens to me, every time I walk into a supermarket.

Now I know what you are thinking....that happens to everyone, but you're wrong. Most people enter the supermarket for a litre of milk and exit with a block of chocolate and roughly $20 worth of nothing items.....such amateurs!

I enter the supermarket for a litre of milk, and leave with avocado oil, saffron, organic quinoa and enough fresh fruit and vegetables to feed a small colony of people....I do this 4 or 5 times a week!

My name is Melissa Longo and I am a foodie.

I have seen every season of MasterChef and it has changed me in ways I can't measure. Every meal I create needs to be Instagram-worthy, because food is an experience! George Colambaris and Jamie Oliver are my Gods and I worship at their feet. Do I have a problem? Yes I do! Is it a delicious problem to have? Yes it is!

Unfortunately, it is also an expensive problem to have and something's got to give.

When I decided to start saving for Europe, I knew immediately what had to be done.... I had to re-evaluate my approach to food shopping. Most weeks, I was spending between $300 and $400 at the supermarket. I would literally dance my way down the aisles, (Coles radio is the best!)

Not a word of a lie, I could stare at food for hours, constructing magnificent meals in my head and sadly, sometimes I would spend more time shopping for food, than cooking it! 

So what to do?

I think it is clear that I cannot be trusted in the supermarket, so I have had to quit cold turkey....hmmmm, how good is turkey?!

I'm now an internet shopper. I get my food delivered on a Monday and I love it! Aussie Farmers Direct is my weapon of choice and though certain products can be pricier than their mainstream counterparts, the quality is off the charts and delivery is free.

I'm ordering the meal plans and it's fun, because essentially, I am receiving my very own Mystery Box each week - it's brilliant!

Do I still pop into the shops occasionally? Well, yeah - I'm only human! But I take in a list and I do not deviate....often.... baby steps, people!


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