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Valentine’s Day and other Non-Cents Holidays….

I love flowers! I mean, I really love flowers!

I love chocolates and jewels and (teddy) bears – Oh My!

The thing is, I love these things on a Monday, a Tuesday, or any of the days ending in ‘Y’.... I do not discriminate. Show me a woman who does not want to be made a fuss over, and I will show you a liar!

Despite this, Valentine’s Day was the first holiday on my chopping block, when I decided to veto gift giving and receiving, in honour of some hard-core penny-pinching!

The simple fact is this – love should be declared as often as possible. Valentine’s Day is fine for secret admirers, but beyond that, I don’t see the point. Leave me a love note when I least expect it and you will see a smile that will last for days. Bring me a bunch of my favourite flowers and I will probably burst into happy tears. I’m a big sap, but I am not a sucker!

Random acts of love need not be limited to your partner.

Toss love about, like confetti at a Coldplay concert!

I will be getting my craft on this afternoon with my 6-year-old - handmade cards are the cutest! I wished all my lady-loves a Happy Galentine’s Day, because friendship makes my world go around. And even though there will be no restaurant meals in my future, I will be cooking up some pasta tonight, because nothing says romance to me, like carbs and cheese!

The other major holiday that will not be getting a whole lot of coin out of me this year, is Easter!

I mentioned that I love chocolate, right? Well, the great thing about chocolate, is its unending availability. I don’t need to pay twice the price, for half the quantity, just because it is shaped like a bunny.

And I certainly don’t need to eat hot cross buns in February! In fact, I often delay purchasing Hot Cross Buns until the very last moment, because once I taste that brilliant combination of fruit and spice, there is no hope that I will stop at just one packet.

There will be struggle in my future and it will come in the form of Christmas. I put my 3 trees up in November (yes 3!) and I celebrate in style! I bake and sing carols. I host meals for my friends and give gifts to entirely too many people! I can’t help myself – it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I’m not sure how I will cope, but thankfully I have 314 days to figure it all out…. watch this space!


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